HR Management Services

Our team will support your current Human Resources Department or become your Human Resources Department in all aspects of HR Management. Pro Staff Services can handle any type of HR-related issue in a professional manner and execute it with success.

Human Resources issues may arise which can take away from your valuable team, but with Pro Staff Services, we can help organize your business procedures and allow your team to focus on the tasks at hand.

Employee Records

Our partners can help your company retain employee records, hiring information, personal employee files, taxes, benefits, and more.

Employee Manuals & Policies

We can provide employee policies, handbooks, and job descriptions booklets. These documents can define your company’s policies and procedures that may diminish any compliance issues that could arise.

Government Compliance

Pro Staff partners will set-up, manage, and sustain state, federal, and local regulatory compliance while keeping up to date records on all employees.


Keeping up-to-date employee records, personal files, and additional records will help establish strong communication between management and employees.

Payroll Taxes

Our partners can handle all federal & state payroll taxes. 

Additional Layer of Protection

Our HR plans can be customized to suit you. We can help shield you from employee litigation and grievances such as discrimination, terminations claims, and sexual harassment.