Employee Benefits

Pro Staff Services can offer great employment benefit packages at practical rates*. Attractive employee benefit packages will help appeal to top-level employees and improve overall employee health and retention.

  • Offer great benefits to your employees.
  • Attract top-level employees.
  • Keep employees happy & healthy.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Improve company performance.

*Some benefit exclusions apply, see employer for more details

Health, Vision, & Dental Insurance

Offer employees Medical Insurance benefits along with Vision and Dental Plans. These types of insurance plans will attract and sustain long-lasting employees as well as keep them happy & healthy.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered a primary value in employment insurance plans. This will give your family financial┬ásafety when it’s needed most.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefits are one of the top benefits to employees. This allows them to save money and reduce taxes. Contributions made by the employer are often matched up to a percentage and tax-deductible.

Additional Benefits

Additional Employee Benefits may include Vacation/Holiday Pay, Disability Insurance, Referral Bonuses, College Savings Account, Employee-Assistance Programs, and Direct Deposit.