Recruiting Services For Employers

Pro Staff Services offers recruiting services that can find proper candidates. We will help with profile screening, interviews, resume reviews, and on-boarding services.

Do you have retention problems?

  • We can help you reduce the risks of full-time employees with temporary staffing.


Need to add to your leadership team?

  • Pro Staff Services screens candidates for the top professionals in your industry. We will let you choose from select candidates specific to your company’s needs and qualifications.


Want to hire a strategic workforce?
  • We can offer outsourcing to other agencies to make the best selections to add to your team. When you have a strategic team with the finest credentials and drive, your workforce will be stronger than ever.


Looking for reliable candidates?
  • We select candidates that your can count on. Our attention is geared towards finding and selecting great candidates for your business that will fulfill all needed qualifications.

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